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Made by Kalgon - Dictator because I said so (talk) 08:19, 29 September 2014 (CDT)

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Director of Staff:
--Leo_Barks_At_Sneezes [0/3]

Teamspeak Admins:
--Sneeky [0/3]
--Leo_Barks_At_Sneezes [0/3]
--Magum [0/3]

Gaming Moderators:
--see13 [1/3] [Inactivity - Kalgon]
--Criken5 [0/3]

Staff in Training:
--Austin [0/1]
--LSB [0/1]

Retired Staff:
--Pierre - Fired due to inactivity.
--matt - Head Administrator on Teamshrimp V1
--Cyber - Resigned; Gave rank to Magum.
--Affajapoz - Vote