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Team Shrimp Minecraft

The Team Shrimp Minecraft server was a long-lived part of the Team Shrimp community. Originally created by Badger and Nick as a single player world to build and have fun in, it was decided to later open the server hosted on Badgers computer to see if any players would come. Spawn was built on the server and plugins were added, once the server opened it instantly gained 10+ players.

The servers key attractions were: Nicks pyramid, Badgers zen garden, The hockey rink, Everest, and of course the shops and factions.

Signs on top of Everest

Second coming of the Team Shrimp Minecraft server

After a long while and many resets a new map appeared on Team Shrimp that would serve to be the 2nd long term map (There were a few short term maps before it) The new map is when Team Shrimp started to pickup gaining a following of 15+ players a day (average). A brief tour of the server was uploaded to youtube by staff member Moondog18

The shrimp mart explosion

The shrimp mart explosion was one of the most popular shrimp events in the history of Team Shrimp

it started off as a simple drop party with a special plugin we were using at the time. XP, Gold, Diamonds, and flaming cows were being dropped onto several players and a few mods/admins, Suddenly the admins had an idea to drop flaming snowballs onto the area which abruptly ended the drop party by exploding killing all the players causing them to lose their items and XP.

Shrimp mart (Top right) along with the rest of spawn

The aftermath of the shrimp mart explosion was documented on Youtube by staff member Moondog18

Final map

The initial spawn

The final map started off slow with a small building that had ATMs and slot machines in the basement later expanding to a large building with many different shops, a jail, and even a food court in it.

Spawn just before a rollback

The final map went through many changes in its history the next one as fun and exciting as the other

Nickdodd25 in one of the later versions of the spawn

eventually the final map would become a hub server where it stayed till the closing of Team Shrimp

Early rendition of the hub

The final maps main features were: Mini games server, Factions server, Creative server, Sky block server.


Team shrimp had many party's over the years, There were drop party's, holiday party's, party's for certain number of players online, and many many more. Most party's included boss hunting with dragons and withers in the End arena, Drop party's, PVP Events, And TNT/fireworks to close the party's.

Boss fight at a party
Players built TNT houses and stood in them as they blew up