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Team Shrimp Stunt

Main Spawn in San Fierro

Team Shrimp Stunt is a all new stunt/freeroam/do what you want type of server that is currently in development. The server is currently being develped by nickdodd25 and is almost ready for opening! The server contains many features to ensure the player is never bored.


Team Shrimp Freeroam woudnt be as great as it is without the help of some awesome Beta-Testers!


Mapped Logo at Red County Stunt 2

Server currently contains many big and small features.

  • Sumo mode with random vehicles and currently 15 maps in rotation!
  • Race mode with map support and MTA map and pickup support!
  • DM mode with 6 maps
    • Kill streak system coming soon
    • Weapon drops coming soon
  • Buy-able weapons
    • Weapons are free if player is a donator
  • Vehicle rocket system (Ability to shoot hydra rockets from your vehicle)
  • Spawn any vehicle currently available in SA-MP
  • Buy-able property's
  • Buy-able houses with personal vehicles with vehicle modification saving support
  • Muliple world support (Want a empty world to yourself or your friends? Then this feature is perfect for you!)
  • Many more features....


Video by Moondog
Main Spawn in San Fierro
Verdant Meadows Airport spawn


--Nickdodd25 (talk) 22:37, 3 October 2014 (CDT)