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Welcome to the Teamshrimp Wiki.
This wiki will give you useful information on the history of Team Shrimp, as well as the basic procedures that we undergo on a daily basis to ensure your experience is well.

Useful Links

Homepage: Click Me!
Team Shrimp Forums: Click Me!
Team Shrimp Teamspeak: Click Me!
Team Shrimp Monitor: Click Me!

Team Shrimp Stunt

History and information for Team Shrimp Freeroam can be found here.... Team_Shrimp_Stunt

Team Shrimp Minecraft

History and information for Team Shrimp Minecraft can be found here.... TS_Minecraft

Team Shrimp Teamspeak

We have various Clans, guilds, and groups on our teamspeak, and so we have decided that this would be a nice place for them to put a history about themselves, and their experiences in and out of the Teamshrimp Gaming Community.
Those pages are coming soon.

Staff Roster: Staff_Roster